2012 Awards Presentation

The STUK 2012 Awards Evening took place last Friday night in Lincolnshire. The trophy table was overflowing with awards for both the GNC and Club series. Everyone who attended had a great evening. A special guest (Guy Martin) was in attendance to issue the trophies to winners but seemed to escape all but the most blurred photographs. Between Guy and Pete (fueled with sweet cider) the presentation was good fun. The trails bike balance competition was a great sucess and was won by the offical timer Glyn Pocklington. The night was rounded off with a classic dad dance competition it was close but the winner was announced as Buster.

There was also special presentation to Pete Boast and Jackie Savage for all there hard work over the last 8 season. Thanks to all that helped with that.

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  1. Shame I missed it, thanks for all the effort over the last few years pete, Jackie, and the gang.
    Was a real pleasure!!.