Getting Started

Check out The Regulations (see regulations page), and decide which class you’re going to race in ( Tip. Thunderbikes can race in both classes , maximising your racing opportunities ! )
You can buy a bike ready to go ( have a look on the For Sale page ) or you can build your own , depending on your mechanical ability of course.
A Moto-X , Enduro or Supermoto bike can easily be adapted to race in the Short Track class . Check out the Suppliers section for equipment that you will need.

Are you thinking of starting racing on the Dirt?

We are going to fill this page with info that we hope will help.

First off is the STUK training school. This video gives an idea of what to expect.
The school is an excellent introduction to riding on an oval and is great fun even if you dont intend to race.

So , you’ve been to a few meetings , had a chat with the racers and thought “ I fancy a go at that ! …..but don’t know how to get involved , what do I do ? “
Read on ,and all will be revealed !
Riders will fall into one of categories :.

 National Pro Class - National Number Riders only.

Restricted Class - ‘R’ Plate Riders only. 

 Novice Class - for riders who have ridden less than 6 meetings or a rider who has never made a Thunderbike final. If he or she wishes to be upgraded before the 6 meetings are completed, they may apply for permission from STUK.

 Thunderbike Class - as tec rules

 Mini Bike Class - as tec rules

Junior Shorttrack Class - 7-11 yrs old, 65 two stroke/150 air cooled four stroke.
Inter Shorttrack Class - 11- 14 yrs old, 85 two stroke/230 four stroke.
Youth Shorttrack Class - 14 - 17 yrs old, 125 two stroke/250 four stroke.

At the very least , you can ride a bike with gears and a clutch ! Great , then you’re almost ready !
There are 2 ways to proceed :
Buy a bike , get the kit and paperwork sorted , pay your money , turn up and ride.

Fine if you’re a Riding God , but in reality there’s a fair chance you’ll end up worrying more about technique and the sheer speed of your competitors than actually enjoying the experience.
Or contact DTRA to ask about training days and practice. 
If you think at the end of the training session that Short Track racing is for you , you can then move onto the next stage.

The Bike

Alternatively , a Thunderbike  can be built pretty much from scratch .  can be a useful resource .
Tip. Type in a variety of key words or phrases individually in the search function , such as
“Flat Track “, “Flat Tracker” ,“Dirt Track “, “ Dirt Tracker “, also “Project”,” Spares” and “Repairs” , some listers may use some but not all of these words so it opens up your options to try lots of searches,Try in both Motorcycles and Scooters for Sale  AND Motorcycle Parts and Accessories as some useful equipment can
get listed in the wrong category. Remember also that what a vendor may consider to be a hopeless  basket case incapable of passing an MOT may be exactly what you’re after .

Riding Gear

An ACU approved helmet , one piece or zip together leathers , or Moto-X kit are a must . Get the best that your budget will run to . Similarly , gloves and boots will have to be presented for inspection before you go out at each meeting , and therefore should be up to scratch. Remember , if you do come off ( and you will )
your kit is the only thing between yourself and the track , hot engines and spinning wheels !


Short Track UK is governed by the IOPD. Shortrack UK can issue you with a licence to ride under the IOPD - £5 for a day licence or £15 annually or they will accept an ACU or FIM licence too, just tick the 'Shorttrack' option on your licence application.