Rye House Practice Day - Updated

There are still a few more days left to tell us you intend to ride next saturday. Just a txt or mail will do


07834 971715

I have updated the list below 2/4/13 as some more riders have booked in. Please remember you will need an MCF Licence to ride with us on Saturday. We will have day licences available but if you intend to ride all year you should go online and get your licence before the weekend and save yourself the £10 day licence fee.

Riders confirmed so far

Steve Joy
Rob Williams
Ross Herrod
Matthew Moore
Dave Homan
Graham Urwin
Ian Sission
Guy Sutherland
George Pickering
Phillipe Vandewalle
Adam Waller
Brad Hardman
Pete Boast + 2
Pete Thompson
Dimitri Coste
Jereome Coste
Frank Chatokine
Anthony Brown

Updated 2/4/13

Randal Thomas
Lez Stevens
Paul Baleta
Leah Tokelove
Conrad Leach
Mark Whitelam
Tim Stevens
Jean Yves Sellin
Gary Inman
Steve Lane
Andrew Collison
Tom Clements
Vince Hurst
Ben Baker

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