Youths and Minibikes from Scunthorpe

A big thanks to the Scunthorpe Amateur Speedway club for hosting our Youth and Minibikes on Sunday. The juniors enjoyed a wide Blue groove on the almost completely round track. The hot and dusty conditions lead to some close racing and some hot riders in thick leathers.

1 Paul Scott
2 Rob Neave
3 Thomas Jorgensen
4 Stuart Parnaby
5 Adam Waller
6 Jamie Halder
7 Adam Wrathall
8 Dan Mills

Youth Senior
1 Olly Brindley
2 Calum Willey
3 Leah tokelove

1 Ben Neave
2 Skye Adams
3 Bailey Fellows

1 George Hopper
2 Finn Nicholls
3 Ellis West
4 Joesph Hudson
5 Sam McGurk

Great images as usual from John Boddy. We would have more from the afternoon session but he was too busy riding in the Thunderbike Class.

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